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A lifetime of health

through chiropractic

Peak Health Chiropractic - Chiropractor | Paradise, CA

Providing nutritional guidance to enhance your life

You get comprehensive nutritional guidance and assessment with Peak Health Chiropractic. It's a part of our approach to providing you with healthcare and health support. You get help at the root of your problems and personalized aid to help you enjoy your life.

With Peak Health Chiropractic's nutritional services, you can get a Zyto assessment to check organ function, hair analysis, hormone saliva testing, and other methods to full evaluate what you are missing - or in excessive of - in your diet.

Peak Health Chiropractic is a community-center healthcare provider and a family practice. Our approach is one oriented toward family wellness. We want you to be a patient for life and to let us be part of your healthcare team and routine.

Along with assessing your nutritional state, you get counseling in order to move toward better health. You can also receive weight loss help and home health supplements. We develop a customized plan at an AFFORDABLE price for you.

Nutritional Assessment

Nutritional Counseling

Family Wellness

"A business and service I trust for my care and one you might want to consider for your care."

-Kathleen Loth

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